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Monday, March 20, 2017

4th PA Banding Pre-op

Here we are again.... almost 5 years to the day. We had a busy day of  preoperative testing today.  We got to the hospital at about 7:15 this morning and headed straight to the heart center. They got Nicholas' vitals: blood pressure, pulse ox, height, and weight.   First up, the echocardiogram, which both an echo tech and a cardiologist had to come in to try to get good pictures of Nicholas' heart. The cardiologist (whom we have never met before) said that the PA to LV gradient is about 40 mmHg. She also said that his PA band is very hard to see on the echo, so it is not necessarily the most accurate data. After that, Nicholas had an EKG. I asked the EKG tech if his EKG appeared normal and he said it appeared that his right ventricle might show some signs of dilation, but that is "normal" in L-TGA. 
Then we headed to the lab where Nicholas had 4 vials of blood drawn. He barely even flinched. We then went to xray and they took two views of his heart in his chest. Then it was back to the heart center to meet with the cardiac and anesthesia teams. 
The PA-C from the cardiology team was new to us today. She was charmed by our boy and said he had great hair and a charming smile. She went over with us the surgical risks and explained that this time around since there is more scar tissue each time they go in through his sternum, that they will have by-pass ready in case they need it. That really freaks me out. 
The anesthesiologist NP was the same one we saw in March and she was optimistic that all would go smoothly anesthesia-wise. 
The only thing that had them minorly worried is that Nicholas has a cough that he's had for a few weeks now, and they wanted to make sure it isn't an actual sickness. I think it is probably allergies, but they said they will check his bloodwork and verify that he is healthy before they make the final call that he is good to go for surgery in the morning. So far we have not heard from them.

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